Historic Walking Tours
In Belfast

In addition to the tours listed below Belfast Walking Tours also offer other themed tours which encapsulate the history of Belfast and its people such as Christian heritage and church architecture; Literary Belfast and significant historical events such as the 1798 Rebellion and the Society of the United Irishmen.

It is also possible to combine some of these themes into a bespoke tour based on your particular interests (such as Street Art and Historic Pubs)

Belfast Peace Wall

Pack Up Your Troubles

Step into the darkest era of Belfast’s bloody history in this impartial and unbiased political walking tour.

Highlights of Belfast Tour

Get the ultimate Belfast experience on this sightseeing walking tour.  Starting at Cotton Court (opposite the Merchant Hotel, Waring Street) in the historic heart of Belfast and finishing at the iconic Belfast City Hall. 
Belfast Art

Art In The Heart of the City

Have your cameras at the ready as you discover the rich canvas of world class street art that is Belfast city. This street art tour will give you a whole different perspective on Belfast with its amazing selection of contemporary art which link into the history and heritage of the city
Bittles Bar Belfast

Historic Pub Tour

Belfast's centuries old taverns reflect the personality, character and heritage of the city. They are both architecturally and historically significant and have fascinating stories to tell. These pubs are amongst the best in the world and embody the history of Belfast itself. Experience the unique hospitality of the Irish Pub on this lively walking tour.
Belfast City Hall

The Buildings of Belfast – Architectural Heritage

Belfast has many different styles of architecture which are full of history. Its buildings have had fascinating lives. They are story books of how Belfast developed from a small market town into a large affluent industrial city and also about the people and significant events that shaped Belfast's destiny. On this tour you will get the 'heads up' and find out so much about the city and its hidden history.
Belfast Pub

Buddy Tour

Looking for some company while you’re in Belfast?