Highlights of Belfast Tour

Get the ultimate Belfast experience on this sightseeing walking tour. This tour starts at Cotton Court in the heart of the historic Cathedral Quarter (opposite the Merchant Hotel) and finishes at the iconic Belfast City Hall. 

This introduction tour is a great insight into the city’s historic past, vibrant present and exciting future.  It showcases our favourite things to see and do in Belfast from our amazing architecture, awesome art, historic monuments and public realm. On route you will pass quirky museums (which document Belfast’s rich Whiskey, Music and Ulster Scots heritage), centuries old taverns as well as the more modern bars housed in converted whiskey warehouses.

Belfast City Hall is the ideal place to finish our tour, where you can enjoy lunch or coffee in the beautiful Bobbin Cafe before exploring the free, self-guided visitor exhibitions, the beautiful stained glass and opulent marble halls, which chart the history of the city from a quiet hamlet, to the vibrant, attractive city it is today, mapping the major political events along the way.

Come join us for an enjoyable walk through town and time!


Explore one of the street art capitals of the world and the subtle messages on the walls. With its eclectic music scene and lively mix of bars and restaurants, you’ll wish you were staying in Belfast a wee bit longer.  


Our walking tour encompasses major landmarks and iconic sites of the city. Our Belfast story is told through its landmarks, its public realm and sculptures, its people, street names and the industries that made the city what it is today


Steeped in Victorian history – you can find out so much about Belfast by just looking up and around at its historic buildings – they tell their own stories, not just about the individual buildings and the people who built them, but also about the city at that time and its subsequent development.  


Belfast is a treasure trove for photography lovers, with some of the most instagrammable locations, buildings, street art and monuments on our tour route.

From the most photographed neon umbrellas in the most picturesque street in Ireland, the ‘Big Fish’, the Albert Clock, the famous cranes of Harland & Wolff, Titanic Belfast, the dome at Victoria Square to Belfast City Hall. Sightseeing at its best!


1 – 4 people £150
5 – 7 people £180
8 – 12 people £240
13-18 people £280
18+ Please Enquire