Walking Tours of Every Quarter
In Belfast

 In addition to the tours listed below Belfast Walking Tours also offer other location specific tours such as Legal & Markets Quarter, Smithfield & Library Quarter and lesser known parts of Belfast such as Sailortown and Folkstown.

Grand opera house

Linen Quarter

Linen Quarter was once the centre of the world’s No1 Linen industry, known as “Linenopolis”. While those days are long-gone we still revel in those linen mills and the yarns they still spin. There are plenty of yarns on this tour, as the area is incredibly rich in history with famous inventors, scientists, centuries old pubs and churches, monuments, street art and public art. There is so much stunning architecture to see (with their own incredible stories) from the Grand Opera House with its Moorish eclectic oriental style design, the elegant Victorian time capsule of the Crown Liquor Saloon to the world famous Europa Hotel, a symbol of resilience of Belfast and its people. Lets us stitch these threads of Belfast’s history together for you on this fun and informative tour.
Titanic Museum

Titanic Quarter

Titanic Quarter is steeped in memories of a bygone industrial age and 'the ship of dreams', the RMS Titanic. Our tour is a voyage of discovery about Belfast's rich maritime history. It is a step back in time to the days of the shipping magnates and artisans who designed and built the largest ships in the world but also how this area has been transformed from the graveyard of the shipyards into a major tourist attraction, as part of one of Europe's largest waterfront regeneration schemes. The tour starts at one of Belfast's new visitor attractions "the Big Fish" and follows along a stunning scenic route around the River Lagan known as the 'Maritime Mile'. Attractions include the Lagan Weir bridge, SSE Arena, the RMS Nomadic, the last surviving White Star Line vessel, Titanic Museum and Titanic Hotel, the building which was once the nerve centre of the shipyard.

Cathedral Quarter

Cathedral Quarter is the birthplace and historic heart of Belfast. As the oldest part of Belfast, it is designated a conservation area as a way of preserving its unique character. The area is steeped in history and has retained its uniqueness and character. This tour takes in many of Belfast's most historic buildings including St Ann's Cathedral and the Merchant Hotel, vibrant street art, centuries old taverns and churches, public art and so much more.
Queen’s Quarter

Queen’s Quarter

Explore the academic heartbeat of Belfast. Queen’s Quarter is centred around Queen’s University, an architectural jewel and enduring masterpiece completed by renowned architect Sir Charles Lanyon in 1849.