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Tour start location: Radio Failte, 30 Divis St., Belfast, BT12 4AL.

Step into the darkest era of Belfast’s bloody history in this impartial and unbiased political walking tour. The 30-year conflict known as ‘The Troubles’ began in August 1969 and was responsible for more than 3,700 deaths across Catholic and Protestant communities You’ll hear about how Belfast became divided emotionally, mentally, and physically by 40 kilometres of walls and steel. But you’ll also experience the power of hope and healing. 

A taxi option is also available with this tour. Sit back, relax and experience Belfast from the comfort of a luxury vehicle. You’ll be chauffeured around the city come rain, hail, or shine.

Gain a better understanding of the Troubles

Discover the political and historical moments which led to the formation of Northern Ireland. Gain insight into the unique heritage, culture and identity of both Unionist and Nationalist identities and their respective paramilitary groups.

Visit key historical sites

Your tour will take you to the Falls Road and the Shankill Road – two neighbourhoods in West Belfast that were notorious during the Troubles. Although the scar of the conflict can still be felt today, both areas are safe, vibrant, and welcome visitors. You’ll also pass through some of the 500 remaining security gates that are still in place and understand what purpose they still serve.

See renowned political murals and peacewalls

This walking tour provides plenty of photo opportunities as it takes in both Protestant and Catholic communities. The murals were used to mark territory and tell the story of the conflict. Today they are an intrinsic part of our shared cultural heritage.

Hear real stories of real people

Experience true, heart-breaking stories of the many lives lost. Hear of Terror and Tragedies, peace and romance and what life was like growing up under the shadow of the Troubles. Visit local community memorial gardens where loved ones still mourn their dead. Feel the hope of our city too – how we’ve left The Troubles behind us in 1998 and how Belfast has flourished into one of the friendliest and safest capital cities in the world.


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Step into the darkest era of Belfast’s bloody history in this impartial and unbiased political walking tour.

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