Cathedral Quarter



Cathedral Quarter

Belfast’s historic ‘Cathedral Quarter’, is the birthplace and historic heart of the city.  The area is steeped in history and over the years has witnessed many significant events but has retained its uniqueness and character. There are still remnants of the old town, with echoes of the past reflected in the buildings and its cobblestoned streetscapes.  Cathedral Quarter is the beating heart of Belfast’s arts and culture scene mixed with trendy warehouse restaurants and lively beer gardens where the past meets the present.  It isn’t just bricks and mortar but also connects you to some of the fascinating citizens from the past and the entrepreneurs who are developing for the future.  


Experience the beating Heart of Belfast

The Cathedral Quarter is the beating heart of this vibrant city. Take a stroll along the quaint cobbled streets and soak up the Historic buildings and Architecture and a Vibrant Arts and Culture scene. 

Locals and tourists alike flock to Cathedral Quarter’s cobbled streets to enjoy the diverse mix of history, music, food & drink and entertainment.

Art and culture

World-class street art adorns this historic quarter, from the impressive full-scale wall murals to the hidden faces peering out from within the bricks. Local and international artists alike have made the area an ever-changing canvas. Their work showcases how Belfast’s transformation from a troubled place to a thriving and inclusive cultural capital.

The Cathedral Quarter is also home to the Metropolitan Arts Centre

Gastronomic Powerhouse

It’s where the old meets the new. Lively beer gardens, cosy pubs mingled with hip cafes and superb restaurants with fascinating stories to create a place that’s much more than bricks and mortar. 

Cathedral Quarter has it all! Whether you’re after a good coffee, something simple or fine dining, our tour will show you some of the best places to eat in Belfast.


It is full of fascinating architecture from St Anne’s Cathedral, the Metropolitan Arts Centre, and Historic bank buildings, to cosy pubs and modern warehouse restaurants inter-mingled with world-class street art. Local and international artists have left their mark on every nook and cranny of Belfast’s city street. 


You’re going to want to keep your camera handy for this insta-worthy tour!


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