Art in the heart of the City


Art in the heart of belfast


The mural collection in Belfast is unlike anywhere in the world, with around 2000 documented murals in the city. Street art has always been part of culture in Northern Ireland.  In the past it often symbolised war, civil conflict and the eventual journey towards peace. For decades the walls in Belfast have been covered with political murals depicting our religious divisions and often used to mark territory. 

A new wave of contemporary mainstream art has emerged which is modern and varies from street art to murals and graffiti. It has added colour and spectacle to the city and transformed the streetscapes in such a powerful and positive way. Some murals are by well known international artists and others by very talented local artists, which link into the history and heritage of Belfast or social issues of the day.


So put your walking shoes on, keep your camera at hand and get ready to explore the amazing Belfast Street Art scene on our “Art in the Heart” tour.  We’ll check out some of our well known pieces and some of our hidden gems in the heart of Belfast and uncover the subtle messages. They tell stories of the city’s past and reflect the warm and vibrant place it is today.

Discover Belfast – one of the street art capitals of the world

With over 7,000 murals freely on display to all throughout the city, Belfast has been dubbed the ‘street art capital of the world.’ 

This tour route covers more than just street art and will take us through some of  the oldest and most historic parts of Belfast, passing many of its landmarks and a great way to explore the city.

Understand Belfast’s past

We will be there to interpret the social, historical, environmental and many other messages that the art and artists are trying to express, whilst we pass through some of the coolest parts of the city. 

This tour can also be combined with The Historic Pub tour.

Interpret historical events through art

Our eclectic art adorns many passageways and street corners. The street art celebrates the people and events that have shaped the city.

Explore a rich ever-evolving canvas

Local and international artists alike have left their mark on every nook and cranny of Belfast’s city streets. Their work showcases how Belfast’s transformation from a divided and troubled place to a thriving and inclusive cultural capital.


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Historians, art lovers, architecture buffs, pub frequenters – 

Whatever you’re into, there’s a Belfast Walking tour for you.

2 Hours

The Best of Belfast Highlights Tour includes architecture, street art, public art, historic pubs and stories of the city's development and significant events of the past

2 Hours

Have your cameras at the ready as you discover the rich canvas of world class street art that is Belfast city. This street art tour will give you a whole different perspective on Belfast with its amazing selection of contemporary art which link into the history and heritage of the city

Troubles History

3 Hours

Step into the darkest era of Belfast’s bloody history in this impartial and unbiased political walking tour.

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