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The pub culture has been an Irish tradition for thousands of years and Belfast is known for its countless lively, friendly and authentic pubs.  Belfast is fortunate to have some of the most historic centuries old taverns in the world, all with their own unique and fascinating stories to tell. On this tour you’ll experience a warm Belfast welcome and its famous ‘craic’ in some of our oldest buildings, which are both historical and architecturally significant.  

More so than anywhere, pubs in Belfast continue to play an important role in the social development of the city, they are places to which the regular customer and visitor, often feel a special attachment, where advice and wit are served in equal measure.

This tour can be combined with some of the city’s world class street art, which reflects the city’s rich heritage.  


say Cheers To craft beers

Belfast is home to many craft breweries. Our fabulous variety of beers and brews are best enjoyed in one of the city’s funky bars.

It's always a good day for a guinness

No trip to Belfast is complete without a pint of the black stuff! It’s no urban myth that Guinness tastes nicer in Ireland! We will introduce you to the best in Belfast.

drop in for a dram of whiskey

  1. In Victorian times two-thirds of the whiskey exported from Ireland came from Belfast.  At the height of whiskey production, Belfast was producing up to 3 million gallons each year, 60% of  Ireland’s total output! It would be rude not to drop in for a dram while enjoying some traditional Irish music 

Savour a glass of fine wine

Whether your tipple of choice is a glass of Malbec or Sauvignon Blanc, Belfast also has a great selection of wine bars where you can while away the day.



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Historians, art lovers, architecture buffs, pub frequenters – 

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